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Welcome to NFTC (New Frontier Theatre Company.) Our mission is to create a living legacy through inspiring mental, emotional, and social wellness for today’s youth. These are challenging times for everyone, especially young people. For many students it feels like they’re existing on shifting sands. Often, their judgment is clouded by not having the proper tools, the personal allowance to imagine, and through imagining create real-life solutions to their problems, as well as pathways to realizing their dreams.

It is our belief that in this unprecedented time of change, new solutions must be created. Our programs are designed to stimulate, encourage, and enable students to respond creatively and positively to the increasing demands that they face. In doing so, opening the doors for them to create their own legacy.

Founder & Executive Director


Message from Bennett Gale

Today's students face unprecedented challenges, requiring new innovative approaches for supporting them on their journey toward social, emotional, and mental wellness.

   There's never been a more important time for students to know they can influence their future through personal development.

“Personal growth is not defined by age.

~ Bennett Gale

Bennett’s fondest childhood memories are going to see the best music, dance, and theatre artists perform in nearby Manhattan. 

   "The love for theatre is part of my DNA.  I see ‘Theatre’ as a literal craft as well as a vehicle for personal development."

   Bennett has a diverse background as an actor, speaker, musician, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and schoolteacher. His work is with students of all ages, from nine to ninety.    

    In his earlier career, he was fortunate to star in the hit Broadway show, ‘Beatlemania,’ acting and directing in dozens of plays, as well as touring throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan.

 When he moved to Siskiyou County, he continued his passion for creating opportunities and exposure to new possibilities for students.          In 2013, he established New Frontier Theatre Company (NFTC), in Mount Shasta as a fully licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to high- performance ideals and educational outreach.

  Since arriving in Siskiyou County in 2008, he has either performed in and/or directed over 100 productions.

   Bennett has been and continues to be involved with local schools. He is passionate about stimulating young people to learn how to use their imagination and empowering them to see themselves in a positive, fulfilling light. This is his calling. 


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